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Ethnoscience conducts expert historical research and evaluation. For clients who need to know the history of land use and/or occupation of a location, Ethnoscience can skillfully trace the historical background, significant events, important individuals, historical patterns, and architectural/engineering characteristics of these historic places. Ethnoscience may use field investigation, examination of historic maps and aerial photographs, courthouse title and deed research, and review of historical documents, to develop historic context and evaluations of significance for locations on public and private lands.  

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We provide specialized site documentation including:

• National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) nomination.

• Historic American Building Survey (HABS) and Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) documentation.

• National Historic Landmark nomination.

• Analysis of regional settlement patterns

• Community patterning analysis

• Social analysis of architecture

• Integration of primary source documents with historical archaeological data.

Ethnoscience has performed detailed examinations and evaluations of historic homesteading and transportation properties on the Northern Plains, historic hydroelectric properties on the Northwest Plateau, and neighborhood building recordation in a variety of urban settings.