turtle Ethnoscience, Inc.




Ethnoscience is a leader in archaeological services. We are proficient in all aspects of cultural resource work throughout the Northern Great Plains, including research, survey, testing, and mitigation. Ethnoscience has completed thousands of inventories, evaluated countless sites, and mitigated numerous prehistoric sites. Past projects include all phases of cultural work for a variety of undertakings, from large linear developments, such as highway projects, pipelines, transmission and fiber optic cable lines, to smaller cell tower and well pad installments. Ethnoscience has also worked closely with many coal mine companies in North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana to assist them with the Section 106 process. Ethnoscience was a pioneer in applied ethnology and Native American participation in cultural resource management, and continues to foster communication and understanding between the industry and tribes. With experience in Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington, Ethnoscience is ready to assist clients with all aspects of their archaeological needs.


Types of archaeological services we provide include:

• Class I overviews, including district landscape analysis, predictive modeling, and literature reviews

• Class II reconnaissance and Class III pedestrian inventories for all types of land-disturbing undertakings for Section 106 compliance

• Phase II testing and Phase III mitigation on significant sites through data recovery and education/interpretation

• National Register of Historic Places nominations

• Traditional Cultural Property documentation and consultation

•Contributions to Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Justice reports

• Development of inter-agency agreement documents, such as Programmatic Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding, and Memoranda of Agreement